Keep it Clean!

Meeting Basic Lexington Building Codes within the Neighborhood

One of the factors influencing the general run-down condition of portions of our neighborhood is simply the fact that the minimum standards set by Lexington building ordinances are not being followed uniformly throughout the community.

This is not to imply that anyone is intentionally in violation of these ordinances, in most cases it is simply a lack familiarity of building ordinances (knowing what is allowed vs. not allowed).    There are also cases of non resident owners (including bank owned or foreclosed properties) who simply neglect minimal property owner responsibilities.

What can we do?  

The process for enforcement in Lexington is that apart from periodic neighborhood sweeps they do not activley inspect violations without receiving a complaint first.

The best avenue available to residents and homeowners is to report violations to Code Enforcement and allow them to deal with offending party.  This allows the confrontation to be limited to a person’s variance with local ordinance … and not become a personal issue between neighbors.

Below is a list of general areas that can be addressed via the Code Enforcement process.

To file a complaint you can either call Code Enforcement directly or issue a request via online form*

* Note: All complaints have the option of being filed anonymously.

For quickest results we would encourage everyone to report any and all instances of any of the types of violations listed below immediately to Code Enforcement.   Repeated reports of incidences of violations are more likely to get the eye of those down at Code Enforcement and speed their response.  Additionally if we as residents stay on top of these issues we can hopefully see that they do not continue unabated in the future.

Code Enforcement – General Information                                       

Division of Code Enforcement

5th Floor

101 East Vine Street, Suite 500

Lexington, KY 40507

Tel: (859) 425-2255 or 3-1-1

Fax: (859) 425-2274

Business Hours:

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The Division of Code Enforcement is the governmental unit which deals with properties and property owners on a day-to-day basis to ensure that minimum maintenance and repair standards for all existing structures throughout the neighborhooare met. Division staff ensure that residential and commercial structures are maintained to the minimum standards set forth in the International Property Maintenance Code.

Information about the Division of Code Enforcement is available on-line at:

Housing Code Enforcement                                          

The purpose of the housing code is to protect the public health and safety in all existing structures–residential and nonresidential and on all existing premises by establishing minimum standards of maintenance. Division of Code Enforcement, 425-2255 or 3-1-1.

Complaints will be inspected  within 3-5 working days (for non-emergency situations). Emergencies will be responded to immediately.

If the complaint is inside the structure, a Code Enforcement Inspector will need the phone number of complainant in order to make arrangements to inspect the interior.

Indoor Furniture and Appliances Outside                                       

It is illegal to place indoor furniture or appliances on porches and front yards (for example, couches and chairs)

After notice is served by code enforcement officer, the furniture must be removed within 10 days.

Junk/Abandoned Vehicles                                            

Vehicles are declared a nuisance according to the City Ordinance when: they are non-operating or non-licensed, partially dismantled, wrecked, junked, or discarded. They cannot remain on property longer than 10 days.

EXCEPTION: Historic licensed vehicles, vehicles on property that has been zoned for vehicle storage in accordance with city ordinance (junk yard etc.), vehicles in enclosed building or so located that they are not readily visible from public or private property, race cars and cars run by alcohol fuel, on trailers.

Vehicle will be inspected by a code enforcement officer. If found in violation, a 10 day (plus 3 days for mailing) notice and order will be issued to property owner, lessee, tenant or occupant to abate this nuisance.

What is considered a Junked Vehicle?

  • Junk cars – no license
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Flat tire, on blocks, engine out – considered junk car

Complaints about cars

  • left parked on the street over 24 hours
  • in front, back, or side yard
  • on sidewalk or with 2 wheels on grass between curb and sidewalk.

…should be directed to the Division of Police at 

859 258-3600


Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the public sidewalk in front of their property.

Inspections of existing sidewalks are handled through Code Enforcement.  Contact LexCall at either 425-2255 or 3-1-1.


Trash and Debris are declared a nuisance according to the City Ordinance when: abandoned, discarded, unused objects such as garbage, tree limbs, yard waste of any kind (whether liquid or solid), large appliances are readily visible from any public place or any surrounding private property.

Property will be inspected by a code enforcement officer. If property is in violation, a 10 day (plus 3 days for mailing) notice and order will be issued to property owner to abate this nuisance.


For weed complaints, contact LexCall at either 425-2255 or 3-1-1

Weeds are declared a nuisance according to the City Ordinance when they exceed 12 inches in height.

It is unlawful for weeds, trees, bushes, hedges or other vegetation to grow where it interferes with sidewalk traffic.

Included in this ordinance are:

Jimson  jimson-1
Burdock  SpringBurdock
Ragweed  ragweed2
Thistle  SI Exif
Cocklebur  cocklebur
Poison Ivy  pivy
Poison Oak  PoisonOak_inShade
Weeds  sns062611weeds3_964858a
Grass over12 inches high  grass weeds

Not included are:

  • crops,
  • trees,
  • bushes,
  • flowers or other ornamental plants.

For more information about the Division of Code Enforcement,



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