Man shot in Lexington neighborhood at Appian and Armstrong Mill


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Lexington Police are searching a home on Camelot Drive in hopes of finding the weapon used in a shooting.

Lexington Police are searching a home on Camelot Drive in hopes of finding the weapon used in a shooting.

July 6, 2016  Updated 7:50pm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A man who was in a car at busy Lexington intersection is recovering after being shot.

According to a witness, a vehicle pulled up behind a car that was stopped on Appian Way at Armstrong Mill. The witness says the driver of the second car got out and ran to the passenger side of the first vehicle. At that point, people on the scene say they saw a child jump out of the first car and run. The man then fired multiple shots into the vehicle. A man who was in the car was hit in the arm.

“It was dead into the passenger side. He held his gun straight and didn’t flinch about pulling the trigger that many times. Then got back in his car and took off,” one witness at the scene said.

When police found the victim, he was on Buckhorn Drive.

According to Lexington Police, one witness followed the shooter to his apartment and then told police where to find him. They arrested that suspect on Camelot Drive. Officers are searching an apartment their in hopes of finding the weapon used in the shooting.

Police say the victim had non-life threatening injuries. They also say he is uncooperative with their investigation.



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UPDATED 6:51pm 7/6/2015

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LEXINGTON, Ky (LEX 18)- An arrest has been made in a Lexington shooting that happened Wednesday.

Police confirm that the shooting happened at the intersection of Armstrong Mill and Appian Way. The victim was found at Buckhorn Drive.

Police say that a man was driving a Dodge Challenger when he stopped the car, got out and fired three shots in the air and then two into the victim’s car, a gold Maxima. The shooter then drove away. The victim was hit in the shoulder.

They do not expect the victim has life-threatening injuries.

Michael Goode was found in the 3700 block of Camelot Drive thanks to a witness’s descriptions. He has been taken into police custody for further questioning.

Police say they found an AR-15 rifle and a handgun in his Lincoln Navigator. Police say the car he drove during the shooting was his girlfriend’s.

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