Department of Streets and Roads working in the River Park Area

IMG_0392As many RPNA residents have already noticed yesterday (8/28/2014) the Department of Streets and Roads began a resurfacing project on Trent Boulevard.   Trent will be re-surfaced between Man-O-War and Niagara on the East end of Trent and between Crosby and Appian on the West End of Trent.

Additionally streets and roads informs the RPNA that they will be working on several other streets in the area as well over the next two weeks including Milano, and Olympia as well as a section of Trent on the other side of Man-O-War to Kennesaw Drive (In the Hartland neighborhood).

Streets and roads will  be removing the “NO PARKING” signs over the weekend for the holiday but will be returning them again on Monday.   Please avoid parking on the street when these signs are out, and if there is no other option for you than parking on the street the project supervisor advised residents to have their car in a situation where it can be moved on short notice, otherwise vehichles will have to be towed.

Expect to see construction through the end of next week in the area.




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